London Cat Village

London Cat Village Kitten

If you’ve ever been called a crazy cat lady, or warned that you’re a crazy cat lady-to-be, then the London Cat Village is waiting for you my friend.

London Cat Village

When you open the door the pleasant aroma of cat envelopes you like a warm hug. Everybody has to leave their shoes at the door and enter in slippers or socks, which is all the better for crawling around on all fours, coaxing cats out of various corners.

London Cat Village Preening
The cats are beautiful and indifferent, and will remain firmly disinterested unless you A) are a cat whisperer; B) order cake; or C) all of the above.

Luckily I fall into category A – a fully fledged cat lady with a natural talent and no shame. Cat.B’s will do well too, but remember that you’re not allowed to feed the cats, so you’ll have to enforce constant cake protection. Cat.C’s are winning at life.

London Cat Village Kitten
London Cat Village Kitten  London Cat Village Playfight
London Cat Village Kitten

London Cat Village is in Shoreditch, London (nearest tube: Old Street), and can be booked here. It’s £5 per guest per hour, and they have a movie night every Wednesday.

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