All I Want for Christmas

Brewsker Happy Christmas December

Let the season commence! December. My favourite and most important month of the year! Friends gather from far and wide. Throughout the month, we take prodigious trips up and down the country to see those we love and wish them a happy Christmas. Each bringing our own personal / regional strain of this year’s noroviris / manfluenza. Hugging, kissing, breathing on each other, sipping warm cups of Christmas juice and chomping our bratvursts in the open air.

This is why I always get ill just in time for Christmas Day. I’ve adjusted to Christmases becoming more grown up over the years, more presents to buy, more cheese and wine consumed, more yelling the words to every Christmas song, more visitations across the country and more snotty at the Christmas table. But frankly Christmas is the best excuse to swap germs with those we hold dear, those we haven’t seen for ages, those we love and miss and those random strangers. And that’s why Christmas cooties are the best gift of all.

Happy Christmasing!


Brewsker xxx

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