Salted Chocolate and Avocado Raw Cake Recipe

Salted Chocolate Avocado Cake Recipe

Raw fruit and vegetables are brimming with life: vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients, many of which are lost or destroyed by cooking. Eating raw all the time isn’t recommended (as we need certain nutrients from cooked meat and grains), but incorporating a little raw food into your diet every day will do you a world of good. And what better way to do so than a lush and lavish chocolate and avocado cake, completely guilt-free.

I recently attended a raw food workshop at a detox retreat, run by the adorable duo, Raices de Ibiza. This is their recipe, to which I made a few tweaks, based on what I had available.

You don’t have to be super precise with the recipe, you can substitute many of the ingredients to suit your personal preference. The recipe below made one very large cake (I used a 21cm tin and had a little mixture leftover, so I think a slightly larger tin would work better), alternatively, it’ll make two small cakes and you can freeze one to whip out at party time later down the line. Make sure that you use cake tins with a loose base, otherwise you won’t be able to extract your cake without making a mess.

Base layer:

  • ½ cup almonds and ½ cup sunflower seeds – soak in water overnight and drain before use
  • 2 cups dessicated coconut
  • a generous pinch of sea salt
  • zest of 2 limes (/lemons)
  • 2 tbsp lime juice (/lemon) – keep the rest for later
  • 3 tbsp coconut syrup
  • 3 tbsp maple syrup (/honey)
  1. Blitz the nuts/seeds in a food processor until you get a fine crumby texture and then transfer to a large bowl. Do the same with the coconut.
  2. Mix all the ingredients until you get a sticky doughy texture. You have to do this with your hands, it’s too thick and sticky for a spoon! It needs to be sticky to make a solid base for your cake, so if you’re substituting the syrups with sugar, you’ll need to add some water.
  3. Press the mixture firmly into your cake tin(s) and make sure it is reasonably flat. Pop it in the freezer while you prepare the other layers.

Middle layer (salted chocolate):

  • 500g pitted dates (soaked for a least 4 hours, and drained)
  • 60g cacao butter
  • 100g cacao powder
  • a big pinch (or 2) of sea salt
  • a handful of raw cacao nibs (optional)
  1. Melt the cacao butter in a ban marie.
  2. Blend the dates in a food processor into a paste.
  3. Add the melted butter and cacao powder to the dates and mix well in the food processor.
  4. Once smooth, pour/spread the mixture onto your base, tap it flat, and sprinkle with the cacao nibs. Place back in the freezer.

Top layer (avocado and banana cream):

  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 1 ripe banana
  • lime juice left over from the base
  • a handful of cashews (soaked)
  • 3 tbsp maple syrup (or honey)
  • 50g coconut oil, melted
  1. Mix everything except the coconut oil in a blender on high speed until smooth.
  2. Once blended, add the coconut oil (this will help keep the cream solid at a chilled temperature).
  3. Pour the mixture on top of the chocolate layer, shake flat, decorate (optional) and place back in the freezer for an hour before you serve.

I kept back a little of the base and middle and combined them to make some chocolate energy balls to decorate the top of the cake. I also used blueberries, cacao nibs, bee pollen and chia seeds on top, but you can use whatever you have!

Salted Chocolate Avocado Cake Recipe


23 thoughts on “Salted Chocolate and Avocado Raw Cake Recipe

      1. The base is quite coconutty, if you don’t like coconut you will be able to taste it! I like coconut so the flavour doesn’t really stand out for me!


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