Review: Fushi Sunlight Yoga Mat

Fushi Wellbeing Yoga Mat

I love Fushi products. I use a number of their  nutritional supplements and I always have a supply of their organic argan oil (especially on holiday) for my skin and hair.

Most recently I’ve fallen in love with the Sunlight yoga mat.

  • I’m quite tall (5’9), and this mat is slightly longer than normal which means that I don’t end up with hands or feet on the floor and having to do the shuffle to get back on the mat.
  • Somehow the colour and smell are really energising. The mat is infused with aromatherapy oils and combined with the colour it feels like it’s radiating happy rays! Anyone who does yoga will know that you spend a lot of time with your face/head on the mat and breathing deeply, so to have a mat that you don’t mind (/like) sticking your face on and sniffing is a really good thing!
  • The material is really grippy, I can downward dog all day long without hands and feet slipping.
  • Fushi are an ethical company. Their products are all natural, all materials are sustainably and responsibly sourced, and their packaging is biodegradable/recyclable. This mat is made of natural plant rubber, of which 25% is recycled material and it’s also coloured using natural dyes. It’s good for the world!

Fushi Wellbeing Yoga Mat

4 thoughts on “Review: Fushi Sunlight Yoga Mat

  1. You look like you have terrific flexibility and keep yourself in good shape. Yoga offers incredible benefits. I’ll bet it’s nice having a mat that fits your body length. This gives you a chance to focus on the poses rather than where you’re positioned on the mat. I never realized that mats could be infused with oils. Since I love to learn thank you for sharing your information.
    Stay healthy and happy.

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