Life After Detox

Cala Retreats Detox Brewsker

It’s been six weeks since I got back from my detox retreat. I came back feeling happy, detoxified, spiritual, slightly vegetarian and I didn’t drink alcohol for two weeks, prompting friends to nickname me Mother of the Whispering Forest and jokingly mock me about how long my new lifestyle and values would last. Well, I said back then that it had changed my life, and I can confirm that it HAS changed my life! (Still!)

In summary:

  • I eat clean and organic. I avoid processed foods and try to eat as close to pure and raw as possible. I also eat less meat and dairy. And do you know what? The healthy stuff tastes better!
  • I pretty much only drink water, or variations of water (hot water and lemon, herbal teas etc), and a lot more of it. No coffee, fizzy drinks or fruit juice.
  • I drink less alcohol. I party less, but enjoy life more – I’m appreciating the things that previously passed me by: spending time with family, being creative, enjoying the company of friends (without being drunk!).
  • I make kefir water (a probiotic) and have a (bordering unhealthy) obsession with keeping the little grains alive and happy like the good little pets that they are.

I’m not strict about anything. If I want meat/cheese/alcohol I’ll have it. I’m just more conscious. I consume things that are bad for me consciously, instead of mindlessly, which means that I naturally consume less and I naturally don’t crave those things as much. I’m conscious of how my body feels, what is and isn’t good for me, physically and emotionally. I’m more conscious of others, of the impact I have. And I’m more conscious of the world, of my responsibility and my contribution to it.

Perhaps the best thing is that I’ve been able to share this experience with my family and effect a positive change in their lives too. I don’t push or lecture them on healthy living, but through what is a genuine change in my own life, they’re making changes to theirs.

I’m still fresh and happy and feel a sense of positive energy and purpose, and I think it’s infectious 🙂

11 thoughts on “Life After Detox

  1. You have just proven to the world that healthier living doesn’t mean sacrificing quality in living. It means enjoying more opportunities while satisfying the desired appetite for less nutritious products. In other words, it’s about achieving a level of BALANCE that brings happiness, fulfillment AND better health. You are years ahead of your age. Congratulations! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, this is such a kind comment! A lot of people react to my lifestyle change with a roll of the eyes and assume that I’ve gone extreme, but I agree the key is balance, awareness and small changes in the right direction!

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  2. I changed my eating habits drastically about two years ago. We are very similar, I avoid dairy, refined sugar, alcohol and gluten but like you if I feel like something I’ll have it. If i break the rules more than I should I suffer, so fo me feeling good and healthy is definitely worth it. I don’t feel that I miss out at all, I now cook differently that’s all. Well done, I’m so happy for you

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    1. Yay, well done and yes I completely agree. I think that denying yourself things isn’t good for you. But I find now that I actually want the heathy stuff more! And crave bad stuff so much less. And I think that’s through knowledge and just being much more conscious of my health. Before I really had very little clue about nutrition and was happily feeding myself junk without thinking about my health or making the connection between what I ate/drank and how I felt.

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  3. Great comment! that is what i keep telling people when they say oh but why do you want to restrict yourself so much?!! eating healthily and feeling good doesn’t have to mean restricting yourself or sacrificing and often you don’t even crave any of the processed carbs or sugar any more! Healthy, real food is often so much tastier and more fulfilling and flavourful!

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